Starting Fresh: Ciência sem Fronteiras

Dando continuidade à nossa série de histórias de sucesso de alunos brasileiros que estão estudando nos EUA, trazemos a história de Angelita Nunes, que foi para a George Mason University através do programa Ciência sem Fronteiras:


Angelita Nunes

Name: Angelita Nunes

Nationality: Brazilian

Year and Major: Sophomore, Computer Science

Program: Academic English; Brazil Scientific Mobility Program

What was your first impression of the George Mason University campus?

When I first came to Mason, my first impression was that this place is so huge and so well organized. I thought the people were so welcoming.

What do you like most about living in Fairfax?

I was really excited about the idea that I am next to Washington, D.C., and before I came to Mason, I researched a lot about the city, and I found out about so many good things to do here. I also discovered that Mason has so many things to do, like the gym and the Center for the Arts. I really like it!

George Mason University's Center for the Arts
George Mason University’s Center for the Arts
What is one of the biggest differences between classes in the U.S. and in Brazil?

Back in my country, I always had so much homework and many projects, but here I think I have more time to do everything. I also had so many classes at the same time, but here I can organize myself better.

Tell me about your major.

One of the things that was really attractive in my major for me is that I can work together with other majors.

My major is computer science, and I develop software that can help people to improve their work. For example, a doctor is probably going to need a software to help her in her job, and an engineer is probably going to need a software to help him in his job. This was something that was really impressive to me. I could work with many other frields.

What kind of projects are you working on now?

I’m involved in a project with a Brazilian colleague, and we are working with Professor Celso Ferreira, who is also from Brazil and works in the department of Civil Engineering. We are developing a web system in which the professor can put all the data he collects from his research project about water resources and then show to the public what he is doing.

How do your professors help you to succeed?

One of the classes that I took was Composition, and I was always there talking with my professor, and she always was there to help me to correct my papers. Because of that, I got really good grades because I could show her first.

What is it like to make friends with American students at Mason?

I have heard some international students say, “I am afraid to talk with Americans because I think they will laugh at me,” but no, it’s not so complicated.

I made many friends here, and I am making new friends all the time. My advice is don’t be afraid to talk with Americans. For example, I know that my English is not so good, but American students are really patient, and they can be very, very friendly.

What are some of your favorite places to go in Washington, DC?

In Washington, we have the Thomas Jefferson Memorial that is surrounded with the cherry blossoms during the Spring. It is so amazing — I really love it. I have already visited so many places, and one of my favorites is Arlington Cemetery. There we have a beautiful sight of Washington, D.C., and the monuments and also the Potomac River.

I also arranged a visit to go inside the Capitol. It’s a really impressive place. I saw many sculptures and paintings—really, really, beautiful and old—and everything there had a kind of charm.

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