Starting Fresh: uma graduação diferente

Já imaginou fazer a sua graduação passando por sete cidades ao redor do mundo, como São Francisco, Berlim e Buenos Aires, com um currículo inovador e aulas em formato de seminários?

Conheça a experiência do Danilo, um brasileiro que está estudando na Minerva.

A Minerva é uma nova instituição americana que propõe formar líderes globais e inovadores, por meio de imersão global e com foco no desenvolvimento das competências do século XXI.

Para entender melhor como é estudar lá, veja a nossa entrevista com o Danilo:


Nome: Danilo Vaz

Status: um dos quatro alunos brasileiros que foram aprovados na Minerva Schools at KGI, Class of 2019, começando o segundo ano agora

Danilo tem 21 anos, é de São Paulo e foi bolsista do ISMART (assim como o Gustavo Torres, que está estudando em Stanford).

What would you tell a student if they asked you “why should I apply to Minerva”?

At Minerva I have a bigger scope of “fields of interest”, given that it is a Liberal Art College.

Um grupo de estudantes subindo uma rua em São Francisco
Founding Class da Minerva

Specially during the first year, students are exposed to a variety of interesting disciplines that broaden up their capacities to transfer concepts from one area to another.

Everything seems to be more dynamic and interconnected.

Besides, living with a real international community is something that really makes me question my own values and beliefs in a daily basis. This personal growth is also a big part of my experience here.

Leaning through the Habits of Mind is also completely different from any other traditional method I have experienced.

That is the big difference of Minerva when compared to traditional schools. Based on the science of learning, we are first building a solid base to learn anything, instead of narrowing down our learning process from day one.

These habits, dubbed HCs, are tools that help us to develop a better approach towards the challenge of learning. With them, we are better equipped to learn any specific subject (what will happen during our next years at Minerva).

The habits of mind themselves are focused on soft skills that make it possible for students to acquire hard skills. After leaning how to effectively learn, we are in a better position to explore the specifics of our interests.

How do Clubs and students organization work within the different campuses?

As we have not moved to another city yet, I can not answer this question with complete certainty. However, the idea is that the MiCos (Minerva Communities) will happen in every city.

Students from my class are privileged to be first ones to create such communities, but the students from the following classes will be able to either continue them or start their own MiCos, according to their interests.

Regardless, Minerva will always be supportive of these endeavors. Some examples of MiCos are MiMaker: a MiCo for students interested in the movement maker.

Minerva has a partnership with the maker space TechShop in San Francisco and the activities of MiMaker usually happen there. Metamorph is an art MiCo, where students gather together to produce pieces of art as paintings, drawings, animation and so on and so forth.

There is also MiCos about astronomy and mathematics where students discuss topics related to these subjects and organize visits to other institutions, such as the San Francisco Astronomy Club.

Minerva itself also organizes Co-curricular activities on a weekly basis. Students have already been to Google’s headquarters, 500 startupsaccelerators and hackathons in the bay area.

Do you have an internship?

Yes. I am a Visual Media Intern working with the Creative Team to portray the student experience through an authentic perspective.

Photographs, videos and interviews with students are part of my role and I see myself as a bridge between students and the world outside Minerva.

What is it like to live and study in different place every year? Does it affect your academic work?

I am about to find out, as we have not moved to a different city yet. However, I do not think this will be a big problem, given all the support Minerva will give us to assure that we adapt as quick as possible.

Based on my experience moving to San Francisco, I can say that I moving will not affect my academic work. On the contrary, I believe it will enhance it, given that I will be able to test and experience what I am learning in different contexts and realities.

How do you balance school work and social life at Minerva?

The workload is really heavy, but there is always time to enjoy what San Francisco has to offer. As we do not have classes on Friday, it is possible to invest in the social life during the weekend if you organize your schedule and have a good time management.

Besides, there are a lot of activities organized by Minerva that are intended to help students have a good social life inside the community.

My favorite one is the Minerva Talk – a weekly event that happens every Monday where a different student shares his/her life with everyone else in a deep level. It is a great moment to bond and to see what you and your classmates have in common.

Do you feel at home?

Apart from the food, I do feel at home. The community at Minerva is completely student oriented and there is a big effort from both students and staff to create a friendly, non-exclusive and pleasant environment for everyone.

Besides, after making friends, mastering the language and getting to know the city, everything is easier and a sense of belonging is created.

And even though I am leaving in a community with people from 36 different countries, I can say I feel at home. Everyone is always focused on creating the most harmonic environment.

E você? O que achou?

Se acha que a Minerva se encaixa no seu perfil, então não perca tempo: as inscrições para o período de Regular Decision vão até 15 de janeiro de 2016.

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